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'The Wicked' Justin Deeley Shows Off His Better Known Assets

kevin deeley underwear images for the wicked movie

It worked for Mark Wahlberg back in his Marky Mark days, and many actors have used their assets to their best advantage when their working their way through acting school or just bringing in more money while working. The Wicked’s Justin Deeley is no stranger to a thong or International Jock ad, so here’s quite the collection of his best work when he was doing it before landing his 90210 gig. Most fans were sad to see him go, but they’ll be able to check him out in his first indie horror film ‘The Wicked' where he'll be clothed…but he does get a scene with an apple ball gag for those that go that action.

You can read more about his latest film that comes out at the end of this month, and it sounds like it’s worth checking out for the horror too. So for all you fans that asked to see more of the Deeley man, here’s you go.

justin deeley shirtless international jock underwear images

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