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Image & Clip Overload For ‘True Blood’ Season 5 Finale Hits

true blood season 5 images with pam eric sookie and tara

The True Blood Season 5 finale is coming fast and furious, and here’s a slew of clips from this Sunday with images to give you an idea of what to expect below.

true blood season 5 alexander skarsgard erik with sookie Read More:

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'True Blood' 'Finally' Episode Images & Clips Hit

true blood season 5 finally stephen moyer ryan kwantan images

True Blood Gone Gone Gone had it’s first real touching moment last night with Jason Stackhouse and Hoyt saying goodbye, and here’s a slew of new images from the upcoming Finally episode which seems to be aptly titled as it looks like we’ll be saying that as the show gets back on track.

jason and sookie stackhouse at fairy land in true blood season 5 kwantan images Read More:

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'True Blood' Tries Bringing All Those Crazy Storylines To Roost At Lilith Fest

true blood season 5 stephen moyer with ryan kwanti in gone gone gone

Season 5 of True Blood has been rather trying as Alan Ball has got so many storylines going that it’s become rather frustrating. Below are clips from tonight’s episode Gone Gone Gone along with Stephen Moyer doing an interview about the season finale. Plus some new images.

Stephen Moyer Acting Lilith Crazy in True Blood Season 5 Read More:…

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True Blood Season 5 Promising More Tears & Controversy

alexander skarsgard eric on true blood crying for season 5 promo

Season 5 for ‘True Blood' is promising more tears, and all the promo posters and trailers are living up to it as the latest below shows everyone from the past seasons crying blood and human tears. We keep hearing this is the most controversial season of the HBO vampire show ever.

true bloods joe manganiello wolf crying promo for season 5 Read More:

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Another Round Of ‘True Blood’ Clips & Images To Bite Into

anna paquin as sookie in true blood season 5 images 2012

Last season’s ‘True Blood’ divided fans who really hated it or really loved it, so with Alan Ball leaving after Season 5, it looks like everything will be amped up in the world of Sookie Bill Alcide and Jason Stackhouse.

true blood season 5 images anna paquin sookie burying tara Read More:…

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'True Blood' Teaser Clip Promises More Action, Fangs & Skin!

true blood shows some season 5 skin anna paquin alexander skarsgard

After so many main characters got killed off last season, ‘True Blood' is back for its fifth season of skin, blood, fangs and most important…lots of skin. The teaser clip below promises lots of action and drama.

true blood season 5 anna paquin mourns vampire tara 2012 A lot of people hated last season’s ‘True Blood’, but it looks like they’ll be redeeming themselves from the looks of this action and blood soaked teaser clip. It starts with Sookie (Anna Paquin) digging in the dirt which leads many to believe that they will be turning Tara into a vampire as they did in the book series. This is all said with a voiceover saying that all creatures are made in God’s image, including vampires. I think that will lead many to think that Tara’s coming back, although there haven’t been any promo shots with her yet…which would be smart to do if they were bringing the very likeable character back. I was even stunned with her finale last season so I’m rooting to bring her back. jason stackhouse enamored with reverand steve vampire in true blood 2012 It looks like Jessica will have an even bigger role this season as we seem to see plenty of her in this 30 second clip, and the way her character has developed that’s fine by me. As expected, Jason Stackhouse is in trouble, but this time it looks like the Reverand Steve Newlin is making some new vampire moves on everyone’s favorite not afraid to be naked True Blood character. Read More:

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