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Hottest Men For 2013 US Tennis Open Images HitWell the draws been out a week now for the 2013 U.S. Open, and the bets are on for who will win the…View Post

Hottest Men For 2013 US Tennis Open Images Hit

Well the draws been out a week now for the 2013 U.S. Open, and the bets are on for who will win the…

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Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova & Rafael Nadal Opening Games At Wimbledon 2013

rafael nadal shirtless bulge at wimbledon images

Right on the heels of winning the French Open, Rafael Nadal is ready to take on Wimbledon and possibly face Roger Federer. Andy Murray will also be playing after his back injury, and all eyes are on him and possibly facing Nadal on the courts.

roger federer rafael nadal and andy murray at wimbledon 2013

Former champions Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharapova will highlight the first day of play on Monday at Wimbledon. Read More:



Rafaeal Nadal’s Rafinator Comes Out To Take 2013 French Open Title Against David Ferrer

rafael nadal kisses his eigth french open title win against david ferrer

By this point, it shouldn’t have come as much surprise that Rafael Nadal won his eighth French Open title after defeating fellow Spaniard David Ferrer. All those critics nitpicking last week were once again shown that they keep underestimating the Rafinator and his knees proved that they are in for the long haul.

If Rafael Nadal truly was going to be challenged, if his bid for an unprecedented eighth French Open championship would be slowed even a bit, this might have been the moment. Read More:



Rafael ‘Rafinator’ Nadal Squeezes Novak Djokovic Out Of 2013 French Open: Next David Ferrer

rafael nadal happy scream after taking novak djokovic at french open 2013

The critics were jumping all over Rafael Nadal the past couple weeks at taking longer winning games at the French Open 2013, but once again, he showed them he’s still got what it takes to win an open after defeating biggest clay court rival Novak Djokovic. As Djokovic was ranked number one in the world, we knew this would be a great match, and it lived up to all our expectations.

This one can easily be called a classic match (highlights from it are below) between two legends.

novak djokovic beaten by rafael nadal at french open 2013

His dramatic and delightful French Open semifinal was 41/2 hours old — and 14 games into the fifth set — whenRafael Nadal raced from the net to the baseline to retrieveNovak Djokovic’s seemingly unreachable lob. Read More:



Novak Djokovic Birthday Today May 22, 2013

novak djokovic birthday with legs wide open ready for rafael nadal images

Novak Djokovic has his 27th birthday today, and the celebration could help rev him up as the only possible obstacle between Rafael Nadal and the 2013 French Open Title. The Serbian tennis star has had a few slips over the past couple months, but he was able to be one of the only two that could beat Nadal after his superman Rafinator comeback after his knee injury last year.

He’s definitely paying attention why he’s lost against opponents he would normally have beaten rather easily. After his loss against Berdych at the Italian Open, Djokovic said: “I lost concentration and started to play more defensively,” lamented Djokovic. “[I played] a bad game at 5-3 and I made some unforced errors. At this level you have to take advantage of the opportunities and I lost this game by myself.”

Read More:



Rafael Nadal Ready For Novak Djokovic At French Open After Beating Roger Federer

rafael nadal shakes head after winning italian open 2013 now for novak djokovic

Rafael Nadal just keeps on going and today, he took back the Number 4 ranking from David Ferrer after literally trouncing Roger Federer on Sunday 6-1, 6-3 leading him to win his seventh Italian Open. No one, aside from his fans expected the Rafinator to bounce back so well after taking such a long time off due to his knee injury.

It’s been an incredible journey back, and the Spaniard is ready to keep moving up in the rankings. 2013 has been an incredible year and comeback as Nadal has played eight tournaments, making eight finals and six wins. When it was reported that he would skip the Australian Open this past January, everyone was sure it was the beginning of the end…but not so. Even he seems rather surprised at the results.

rafael nadal working over roger federer bulge at italian open 2013

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Rafael Nadal Earns His Spot To Italian Open Quartfinals 2013

rafael nadal letting out relief after beating ernests gulbis at italian open 2013

Rafael Nadal does what he does best: defeating the odds. Today, six time Spanish tennis champion had one of the worst opening sets of his career but that didn’t seem to affect him. He still came out on top defeating Latvian Ernests Gulbis 1-6, 7-5, 6-4 getting him to the Italian Open quarterfinals. Nadal’s performance, and sometimes sluggish movement on the court, raises questions about whether he will be able to successfully defend his title at the French Open. The year’s second Grand Slam starts in 10 days.



Jamie-Lynn Sigler & Twins Justin Morneau May 15, 2013 Birthday Horoscope

best movies ever daily horoscope 2013 logo

Number 2 ranked tennis player Andy Murray had a rough birthday today, but he’s had an amazing year after showing the world that he had the right stuff at the 2012 London Olympics along with the U.S. Open. He’s toppled Roger Federer, but today he had to retire injured against Marcel Granollers at the Italian Open.

Other big birthdays today are for the Sopranos Jamie-Lynn Sigler and former Pussycat Dolls Jessica Sutta who quickly learned what it was like to grow up after being ousted from the group. In other sports our Minnesota Twins first baseman Justin Morneau hits 33 today.



Rafael Nadal & Roger Federer Take A Drop To Andy Murray

rafael nadal consoling roger federer over drop from top ten rankings

Hard to believe, but for the first time in a decade neither Roger Federer nor Rafael Nadal are in the top two spots for the tennis world ranking. It’s more shocking since these two are simply two of the best tennis players of all time, but Federer still can regain his standing. Nadal won’t be able to get back to his usual place in the world ranks until the Australian Open next season.

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Australian Open 2013 Looks To Go On Without Rafael Nadal

rafael nadal curled up with male tennis friend Rafael Nadal is being smart in not wanting to rush things after being off the courts since last June, and he confirmed that he might not be making the Australian Open in 2013 like many were hoping for. Raffi did an radio interview that he’s being realistic about getting back on the courts and playing it smart. Read More: