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Channing Tatum Sweats & Strips For National Security In WHITE HOUSE DOWN

channing tatum shirtless with roland emmerich in white house down movie

Another action packed Channing Tatum movie hits this June and luckily it’s not G.I. Joe: Retailiation, but the latest master of disaster Roland Emmerich’s White House Down where he naturally shed his shirt in the name of national security. This one can easily be described as Die Hard in the Whitehouse, but the first trailer (below) looks like a fun shoot em up summer movie that’ll appeal to everyone.

Gerald Butler’s Olympus Has Fallen pretty much came and went leaving a few month stretch before Tatum’s White House disaster film lands at the theaters. Naturally everyone will be comparing the two, but I have a feeling it will be a little like the two Snow White films that came out last year and see which one of them you remember more. Roland Emmerich’s films have been hit or miss (especially since he Dean Devlin split ways), but you can always count on him for spectacle which is what we’ve come to expect in our summer movies. Thankfully he seems to provide more restraint than Michael Bay. On that note, I will have to congratulate Bay on his use of restraint in the Mark Wahlberg Dwayne Johnson Pain and Gain which is uneven, but easily worth renting when it hits blu-ray/dvd.

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New ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’ Features More Prominent Channing Tatum

channing tatum with dwayne rock johnson in gi joe retaliation poster Paramount claimed last year that Channing Tatum’s smallish role in the original film didn’t go over too well with test audiences wasn’t one of the many reasons why they pulled GI Joe Retaliation out of theaters a month before it was too hit. Well the latest poster with a very noticeable Channing between Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis makes it look otherwise so plan on seeing more of the Magic Miker come next March. He just might not get killed off this time around in what’s becoming known as GI Joe Retaliation 2.0.



Channing Tatum Ryan Gosling Top Celebrity Fights

biggest celebrity fights ryan gossling images Robert De Niro is usually only in the press when he’s got an upcoming movie or his Tribeca Film Festival, so it’s no surprise that his recent stir up with Beyonce’s hubby Jay Z didn’t get much ink.  The New York Post reported that the Taxi Driver wasn’t too happy when the singer came over to his table to greet him because he was mad that Jay-Z had never returned his phone calls. Some people are still a little old school, and an e-mail or test just won’t cut it. Read More:



Channing Tatum Sweats Up With Jamie Foxx In ‘White House Down’ Images

white house down movie channing tatum jamie fox images

2013 will see Channing Tatum is two more big action packed films starting with the rejiggered G.I. Joe: Retaliation along with the latest Roland Emmerich people in peril film White House Down with Jamie Foxx. Naturally Tatum’s shirt will be stripped down in some scenes, but no dancing or Magic Mike movie for man protecting the President. Check out the new hi-res images below.

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Channing Tatum Protects Jamie Foxx For ‘White House Down’

channing tatum with jamie foxx in white house down images

Channing Tatum is another big action packed with Jamie Foxx in White House Down. Roland Emmerich has another big movie with a fun goofy plot that should make for good summer fun. Check out the latest images and clip below.

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Channing Tatum Rises Again For ‘G.I. Joe Retaliation’

gi joe channing tatum retaliation back for more dwayne johnson action

Channing Tatum and Dwayne Johnson open up the latest international trailer for the rejiggered G.I. Joe Retaliation movie that hits next March, and I’m sure the studios is hoping that everyone forgets that it was yanked one month before it was due to hit theaters after testing didn’t quite go so well. Check out the new with lots of already used footage from the other trailers below.

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Missing Matt Bomer Ken Doll ‘Magic Mike’ Scene Images Land

matt bomer deleted magic mike scene images collage

Matt Bomer fans were disappointed when they found out one of his Ken Doll stripping scenes hit the Magic Mike cutting room floor, but now images from that very bum and ab filled scene have surfaced just in time for the blu-ray release of the film for Halloween. Check them out below along with the scene clip.

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'American Horror Story': Asylum' Marketing Machine Continues w/New Images

american horror story asylum cast with adam levine

It’s been a Ryan Murphy, Adam Levine American Horror Story: Asylum overload of goodness this week with the latest promo trailer which introduces everyone in the cast in a rather ingenious way. Check it out below along with a bunch of even newer images from the show.

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'American Horror Story: Asylum' Forks Up Latest Teaser Trailer Number 11

american horror story asylum fork teaser images

We’ve gotten so used to Ryan Murphy putting out the latest teaser trailer for American Horror Story: Asylum before noon that I thought it had stopped but he’s ready to Fork over the latest below plus some new images from it.

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Zachary Quinto & Adam Levine Show Their ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ Images

adam levine character leo on american horror story asylum images

One of the biggest casting surprises on Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story: Asylum was Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, but he’s revealed his character’s name and what he’ll look like on the show. He’s clothed pretty well for the season though, so unless he’s forced to take a Hydrobath, it’ll be about his acting and not the body.

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