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Michael Phelps Keeping It Dry This Year: No Swimming For HimMichael Phelps made Olympic history last year at the 2012 London Olympics, and this year he pursued…View Post

Michael Phelps Keeping It Dry This Year: No Swimming For Him

Michael Phelps made Olympic history last year at the 2012 London Olympics, and this year he pursued…

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Pantera’s Phil Anselmo & Michael Phelps June 30, 2013 BDay Daily Horoscope

michael phelps bathtub shirtless birthday suit images

Michael Phelps made Olympic history last year at the 2012 London Olympics, and this year he pursued another passion when he took on The Haney Project. Ryan Lochte tried to say this past week that he’d be returning to the pool for the 2016 Rio Olympics, but the swimmer was quick to shoot that down. Currently he’s been having fun at the World Series of Poker and just enjoying being less on the radar.

Now he’s sharing a birthday with singer and Simon Cowell crush Cheryl Cole along with box turned Broadway star Mike Tyson. Brian Bloom also is looking great on this special day. So tweet some birthday love to your favorite celebrity or just leave them a message below as they are now checking in daily for our horoscopes.

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Simon Cowell Not Feeling ‘X Factor’ Love So Much Anymore

simon cowell x factor overexposure backlash hits

Simon Cowell was loving all the media attention for his ‘X Factor' shows this winter, but when you court the press so much, eventually they turn on you. With the new tell all book, lack of ITV support and Cowell fatigue with audiences, it’s time to focus on what made you successful.

simon cowell with danni minogue x factor uk 2012 Even I got Simon Cowell ‘X Factor’ fatigue when it was obvious he was doing his usual media court jester routine to pull attention away from the much better ‘The Voice' and even the much lesser 'American Idol’. Cowell is very media savvy, but I think when his ‘X Factor USA’ didn’t come close to living up to his high expectations, he got desperate. And any of us who’ve worked in the media know, nothing screams backlash faster than a desperate media whore. They will do anything to get their name in the press and lap it up, but the minute any negative attention hits, they run crying ‘unfair’, and that’s what’s happened to Cowell this week. simon cowell working media on phone for x factor backlash Read More:

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Simon Cowell Has Gary Barlow Fill Slot Again On ‘X Factor UK’

gary barlow takes that back to x factor for simon cowell 2012

Take That’s Gary Barlow has agreed to return to Simon Cowell’s ‘X Factor UK' for another season after Cowell let the singer know that he can take ownership of his slot any time he wants. Kelly Rowland still trying to spin that she’ll be back.

take thats gary barlow returns to simon cowells x factor uk 2012 Simon Cowell has locked in another judge to stay on his ‘X Factor UK’ with ‘Take That’s’ Gary Barlow, who’s returning to help boost the ratings for the once hit show that suffered some major viewer fall off last season. Alexandra Burke tried to spread the rumors to anyone with an e-mail that Big daddy, Simone Cowell was going to axe the entire judging panel, was proven wrong as she often is. Naturally, the singer quickly added that she’d love to be a full timer on the show thinking this ploy was oh so clever. That’s such a tired move, I’m not even bothering to post her picture. If you have to ask, who is she and what does she look like?…that explains her obvious sad rush to get a little press for herself before that was quickly squelched. Cowell loves his media coverage…but as long as he’s in control so when someone like Burke attempts this, he is quick to respond. gary barlow x factor uk judge leaving posh gentlemans club 2012 Interestingly enough, Barlow stated he was nervous about signing back on since his wife is due to give birth during the ‘judges house’ episodes so the London press, assuming he’d be spending every valuable moment with his pregnant wife, found that he was out celebrating at a posh little gentleman’s, er ‘members’ club instead. gary barlow with unknown female leaving posh gentlemans club 2012 Read More:

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simon cowell dismissed by cheryl cole for x factor uk

Cheryl Cole had enough of Simon Cowell insisting that she return to judge ‘X Factor UK’, and now Cowell says ‘he’s the best judge’ and will be returning to judge both ‘X Factors US & UK’

cheryl cole says no to judging simon cowell's x factor uk Cheryl Cole has had enough of Simon Cowell and the public insisting that she go back to being a judge on 'X Factor UK’. It was assumed by Cowell and the network that the singer would return even after getting sacked from the ‘X Factor USA' by Nicole Scherzinger, who wound up getting sacked too. Cowell finally put Kelly Rowland out of her misery and officially sacked the short lived judge but that left a gaping hole in the table. simon cowell x factor uk where he'll judge again 2012 The judging table included Gary Barlow, Louis Walsh, Tulisa, and this week Cowell had this to say in response to Cole’s dismissal of returning to his ‘X Factor’. “Do you know what, I’m going to see maybe if we can move the dates around so I can do both shows in the future because I miss it … and the other judges are not as good as me.” Naturally, he had to mention that he’s getting approached by multitudes of people just begging to be a judge on his ‘X Factor USA’ with one saying they’d do it for a paltry $50 million. With only a few weeks left before Cowell announces the new judges and co-hosts (still negotiating heavily with Ryan Seacrest), he’s making the most of the media exposure. The only problem is that after all these months of everything ‘X Factor’ being foisted on the public, they are beginning to tire of it. “It’s beginning to get tiring to everyone hearing about ‘X Factor’ over and over,” our trust source at FOX told us. “There’s a limit to when the public will lost interest, and we can’t wait till all this gets announced so they can just focus on making a good show rather than acting like the little kid who wants to steal everyone’s spotlight. Simon’s smart, but if he’s not careful, he’s going to overplay his hand like he did this first season and we saw how that turned out.” Read More:

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Cheryl Cole Keeps Simon Cowell Wanting Her Back On “X Factor UK”

simon cowell overhauls x factor uk wants cheryl cole back 2012

After the ‘X Factor USA’ bloodbath of firings last week, Simon Cowell is planning on doing it to his ‘X Factor UK’, and he’s determined to get axed Cheryl Cole back. Meanwhile, Cole’s got different plans and Simon’s not in any of them.

x factor uk judges being fired by simon cowell 2012 Even after we reported that Cheryl Cole and are slapping Simon Cowell by having her perform on competitor show ‘The Voice’, he still thinks she’ll come back and he’ll have her. x factor uk simon cowell wants cheryl cole back again 2012 After axing Cole on ‘X Factor USA’, Cowell admitted he had “got it wrong”, and in recent weeks has said that he would like to see the star back on the show’s judging panel. After firing the judge (Nicole Scherzinger) who replaced the axed Cole, he now wants the original one back, but she’s said publicly that he can ‘get lost’. Cole’s manager, Black Eyed Peas member already stated that Cole didn’t need to perform or take any part on ‘X Factor UK’, which seems to have driven Cowell to want the singer back more. As we all know how men are, they usually don’t appreciate you until they’ve bumped you off and then you don’t want anything else to do with them. Then the challenge is laid, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get you back. Cowell seems to be falling into that area too. Read More:…

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cheryl cole slaps back at simon cowell with 2012

<h3><strong>Simon Cowel</strong>l hinted that he’d like to work with <strong>Cheryl Cole</strong> again after firing her from ‘X Factor USA’, but her manager, <strong>Black Eyed Peas</strong>, has set her up to perform on ‘The Voice’ to slap back at him.</h3>

cheryl cole with slap back at simon cowell 2012

<em>Simon Cowell</em> and others have rumored that <em>Cheryl Cole</em> could come back as a judge on ‘<strong>X Factor USA</strong>’, but her manager <em></em> is making sure the slap that one down quickly.  They quickly booked her to perform on ‘<strong>The Voice</strong>’ which goes head to head with Cowell’s other show <strong>’Britain’s Got Talent</strong>’ this spring.  Will, who is on The Voice’s judging panel revealed stated “<em>I want her on the Voice. I mean why not? That would really piss the big man off wouldn’t it?</em>

The sometimes prickly <em>Simon Cowell</em> quickly fired back “<em>It is 100 per cent a declaration of war</em>.”  Cowell was trying to get Cole back on the ‘X Factor UK’ and hinted many times recently about ‘X Factor USA’, but is blocking that.  Cowell feels like he gave the singer her big break and our UK sources are saying that he’s feeling rather hurt by all this unnecessary drama.  ”<em>After said that Cheryl didn’t need to perform on X Factor, that pretty much did Simon in</em>,” our London source said.  ”<em>He’s exhausted from all the problems with the X Factor USA and now he’s got Will firing arrows from over here</em>.”

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