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'Chronicle' Blu-Ray Movie Review

Chronicle movie blu-ray review dane dehaan

Taking two genres like superheroes and found footage and making them seem fresh is a rare feat but ‘Chronicle’ manages to do just that and make it look easy!

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BLU-RAY REVIEW: ‘Chronicle ’ Movie Plays Even Better On Home Viewing

chronicle movie poster blu ray 2012 review

I loved ‘Chronicle' when it was in the theaters, and this is that rare film that plays even better on blu-ray at home, and this edition has some pretty decent extras. It's well worth picking up and watching alone or with your family since there's some good moral lessons in there!

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'Chronicle' Movie Whips Up News Clips & Images Holding My Interest

chronicle movie images dane dehaan alex russell look good 2012

That ‘Chronicle' movie has continued holding my interest to check it out even though there's not been any battle clips shown, but I'm sure they'll be hitting since the film opens next week.

chronicle movie images clips with michael jordan dane dehaan 2012 I have a feeling that the ‘Chronicle’ movie will be one of those quiet ones that holds on at the theaters and then really kicks it on blu-ray/dvd. Yeah, I know the ‘found footage’ thing is pretty tired and past its expiration date, but with each new clip that comes out, I’m still curious to see more. That’s more than most big budget films do for me. This ones seems like it should get that younger guy audience that has abandoned the theaters in the past several years, but with the hijinks in this one, it could lure them back in. chronicle movie images of alex russell with dane dehaan 2012 You can tell from all the clips that at least one of them will wander to the dark site leading to a battle of good versus evil between the friends. It reminds me of ‘The Craft’ where only of the friends remains good and has to battle off the one crazed one who turns everyone bad. This will get us primed up for ‘The Avengers' movie that hits in May at least. Read More:…

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