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James Duvall Gets Guilty For ‘The Black Waters Of Echo’s Pond’ Latest Clip

james duvall looking in danielle harris hole for black waters of echos pond

With no Paranormal Activity coming out this Halloween, Anchor Bay Entertainment is putting out some of their horror movies like The Dark Waters Of Echo’s Pond next month way ahead of the special day for many people. The latest clips show more of indie cult favorite James Duvall (Nowhere, The Doom Generation) looking deep into a bright shiny hole at his guilt and Danielle Harris and the others playing a Jumanji looking game which sets lots of evil into action.

Anchor Bay has given it a tag line of: In 1927, archaeologists unearthed a major historical find in Turkey. What happened next is the stuff of legend…and nightmares! Something a little different from them as they’ve been on the zombie/nuclear warfare isolation style movies lately.

Of course, we’ll have a couple blu-ray copies to give away so keep watching over the next few weeks. Below are a few more new images from the film. The goat man thing just makes it harder for me to buy the film though as they keep placing it in everything rather than hide it until later in the movie for more effect. black waters of echos pond evil goat demon images 2013

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"The Black Waters Of Echo’s Pond" Latest Trailer Hits For Danielle Harris

black waters of echo's pond evil ethnic goat demon scary images 2013

The Black Waters Of Echo’s Pond has made it’s way to blu-ray/dvd after premiering at the Freak Show Horror Film Festival in 2009. Scream queen Danielle Harris (Halloween 4 & 5, Hatchet II & III) stars in this and you get to watch her make out with a blonde girl as part of a glimpse into her future. You can pre-order it too.

danielle harris making out with blonde woman in black waters of echo pond images

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Heidi Klum Keeps 40 HotToday seems to be the power sexy women’s birthday as Project Runway and sexy model Heidi Klum…View Post

Heidi Klum Keeps 40 Hot

Today seems to be the power sexy women’s birthday as Project Runway and sexy model Heidi Klum…

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Hunger Games Willow Shields & Heidi Klum June 1, 2013 Bday Daily Horoscope

heidi klum sexy swimsuit montage for june 1 birthday images

Today seems to be the power sexy women’s birthday as Project Runway and sexy model Heidi Klum shares the day with horror scream queen Danielle Harris and singer songwriter Alanis Morissette. That’s quite the ensemble there, but then you’ve also got The Hunger Games Willow Shields, Morgan Freeman, and the woman everyone likes better now that’s she died in The Walking Dead Sarah Wayne Callies.

In all fairness, Callies had the tough role making Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) wife likeable, but she had a spectacular death by her own son, and the advantage she has is that unlike Lori, she’ll be able to continue aging and looking good!

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Michael Biehn’s ‘Victim’ Takes On More ‘Treachery’ New Images Plus Choking Video

micheal biehn is no victim movie images 2012

Michael Biehn’s ‘The Victim' has been on the film festival circuit for a while now, but Anchor Bay has finally given it an official theatrical (limited, of course) and blu-ray release date plus there's new images from that film and his new one 'Treachery’.

the victim has michael biehn looking hot and worked over 2012 Read More:…

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