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Justin Deeley’s ‘Wicked’ Up For Grabs

<p style=”text-align: center;”><a href=””><img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-27771” title=”the wicked movie dvd image collage of justin deeley” alt=”the wicked movie dvd image collage of justin deeley” src=”” width=”610” height=”382” /></a></p>

<p style=”text-align: left;”>It’s time to get your <strong>Wicked</strong> on with Image Entertainment’s latest horror movie starring <strong>Justin Deeley</strong> (90210 &amp; infamous <a href=”” target=”_blank”>International Jock model</a>) and <strong><a href=”” target=”_blank”>Devon Werkheiser</a>. </strong>You can get hold of your own copy of the film which is pretty good. The DVD hits April 30th, 2013 and you can also <a href=”;camp=1789&amp;creative=390957&amp;creativeASIN=B00B2BYY3U&amp;linkCode=as2&amp;tag=httpwwwindieg-20” target=”_blank”>pre-order</a> if you just can’t wait. Check out below to see how to get your own free copy of the film.</p>

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Drew Bolduc Discusses ‘The Taint’ and Working Indigogo For His ‘Science Team’

drew bolduc working on taint movie makeup images

Filmmaker Drew Bolduc caught our attention with his very funny film The Taint that proved cult comedies in the John Waters vein were still very much alive and well. Many of have tried to replicate films like Pink Flamingos but Bolduc captured the spirit on his own terms with a very smart funny film that made our Top 10 list back in 2011. Interestingly enough, we also watched Teeth right after Taint and found they make the perfect complementary films as they deal with similar themes in a very dark funny way.

Now he’s looking to begin shooting his next film Science Team in June and is hoping that Indigogo will help raise the funds to do this. This is one filmmaker that’s worth putting the money into. If you’ve not checked out The Taint yet, the trailer is below along with a cool promo for his latest project. A man of few words, he did answer some of our questions about what to expect from his Science Team.

science team girl shooting laser at sky

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Latest THOR THE DARK WORLD Chris Hemsworth Images Hit

chris hemsworth thor 2 dark world movie images

Finally, the first trailer for Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Thor: The Dark World' will be hitting and probably sooner than expected as word leaked about what it was all about. We know that Thor will be showing some battle wear and tear and will be reaching out to badboy brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston).

Below are more images from the movie set along with a pretty good description of the upcoming trailer for those that just can’t wait to see it for themselves. Good news is that you’ll get to plenty of Christopher Eccleston’s Malekith in it too.

thor the dark world chris hemsworth with natalie portman images

thor chris hemsworth dark world fighting images

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Christopher Walken: The Man The Career & 70 Years Of Amazing

christopher walken shirtless young career images

Christopher Walken is that actor that never seems to go out of style, and it’s hard to believe that the actor celebrated his 70th birthday this week. He seems like he’s always been with us, but wow, that’s a lot of living! Below is a very cool infographic featuring his career and life reminding many that he had a big career before showing off his dancing skills in Fatboy’s Slim’s music video.

Walken has become known for his quirky characters, but he’s said in several interviews that he hates it when he’s sent an amazing script that he loves, and then a major rewrite is done that tailors it to what he calls ‘Walkenising’. “Quite often, I’ll be sent a script for a movie,” he says. “And I find that I like it, so I say I’ll do it. But then they rewrite it for me. They make it quirky. Odd. I find that rather annoying. I call it Walkenising.” For anyone who’s met the man, you know that his unlikely pauses and emphases which we know from his films, is part of his actual being. It definitely keeps you holding on for his the next word that falls from his lips.

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Zombie Loads Get Jay Hayden Worked Up In ‘State Of Emergency’

state of emergency jay hayden movie images

Jay Hayden and his State Of Emergency little buddy shoot plenty of zombie loads together in the latest clips from Image Entertainment’s zombie horror movie. The Walking Dead wraps up this season tonight so at least there’s some cool zombie fill-ins for us in the meantime. Read More:

BLOOD RUNS COLD For Patrick Saxe and Cannibal Killers

blood runs cold patrick saxe movie images or those that weren’t as crazy for the slicker remake of Sam Raimi’s classic horror film The Evil Dead, Bloody Disgusting and Stockholm Syndrome bring you a more indie feeling cabin the wood horror romp with Blood Runs Cold. The Swedish icy cold slasher from Sonny Laguna has made its way over thanks to Blood Disgusting Selects. So often foreign horror films can run circles around Hollywood versions so it’s always great to have some fresh blood in the water this time of year as we head into another action packed summer. It’s a pretty simple premise where an overworked musician (Hanna Oldenberg) needs some downtime to get her creative juices flowing but winds up running into her old boyfriend (Andreas Rylander looking to get other juices flowing naturally) and other friends. As these things happen, they realize they’re not alone and you can definitely feel the John Carpenter/Sam Raimi influences in this film. This killer definitely likes his meat very rare and to come in all ages. Read More:



Don’t Get It Twisted With THis ‘Wicked’ Evil Queen Kids

the wicked movie trailer still images

Evil Queens never go out of style, and that’s not just talking about our favorite girls on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Image Entertainment has just unleashed the official trailer for their film The Wicked that involved a screaming little girl who goes missing and four blandly attrractive (Abercrombie & Fitchers) teens who stir up an old queen. This definitely seems one primed for the Halloween market, but it hits on April 30, 2013, and keep your eyes peeled as Image Entertainment is putting together a really great package for all you contest giveaway lovers. You can also pre-orderif you can’t wait.

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evil wicked witch movie images



Latest ‘Crawl’ Clips Shows Lots Of Ax & Coen Brothers Style Mayhem

crawl movie images bloody 2013

The Collective’s Crawl hit the film festival circuit and immediately was compared to the Coen Brothers films Blood Simple and No Country For Old Men. The film was made by two brothers interestingly enough so that alone should peek your interest. You can check it out here too.

Written and directed by Paul China, and produced by brother Ben China, Crawl has been invited to over 30 festivals thus far. The film has been compared to the works of the Coen Brothers (No Country for Old Men and Blood Simple), Hitchcock and Polanski. Crawl, the debut feature film of the two brothers, showcases the work of rising talented filmmakers, unafraid to leap beyond the normal and expected to give audiences a deep, emotional, and horrific escape. The film is about a murder-for-hire gone bad which lands an innocent waitress hostage in her own home and driven to desperate measures for survival. It will be release on DVD and Digitally on February 26th, 2013. Read More:



Best Druggie Movies Ever Made

requiem for a dream jennifer with jared leto drug movie

The great majority of films that focus on the grim topic of drug addiction are in fact morality tales that warn us about the pitfalls of substance abuse and dependency. Many of these films use the tried and true plot device of protagonists who fall into addiction and manage to recover, effectively providing a happy ending and a lesson to viewers that addictions can be surmounted. Other movies choose to deliver their anti-drug by portraying the ugliness of drug abuse with a healthy dose of stark realism. Here are the grittiest drug addiction movies of all time:

requiem for a dream harry jared leto images

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Latest Genre Trends For 2013 With Warm Bodies

 2013 genre films identity thief with warm bodies images

Hollywood films house more cliches than any other media outlet. Since the origin of film archetypes like heroes, damsels in distress, villains and funny guys have been exploited. In 2013, bloggers are already abuzz with predictions and hopes that the upcoming year’s blockbusters will break the shackles of tradition. Hopefully, they’ll at least exceed our expectations for them. With a handful of fun new takes on traditional subject matter and a laugh a minute, where do you think this years cinema trends will lead us? Read More: