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NTN: Hunger Games DVD Disaster Turns Into Ideas For Sequel

hunger games dvds dropped in times square disaster In what’s being called a marketing plan gone horribly wrong, Lionsgate released the Jennifer Lawrence starring  The Hunger Games DVD Saturday night at midnight by dumping 100 copies in a pile in the middle of Times Square. Read More:

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Edward Bella & Jacob Done After ‘Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2’

edward bella jacob threesome for twilight saga breaking dawn 2

Seems that people got their ‘Twilights' mixed up in the news so now Summit Entertainment has quickly debunked any myths that 'The Twilight Saga' could get rebooted already. 'Breaking Dawn Part 2' will be the end of the road for Vampire Bella (Kristen Stewart) & Edward (Robert Pattinson).

rumor twilight reboot debunked for robert pattinson edward bella Read More:

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Chris Hemsworth Plays Truth Or Dare For ‘Cabin In the Woods’

chris hemsworth in the cabin in the woods movie truth 2012

Truth or dare is scary enough to play but in a horror film like Joss Whedon’sThe Cabin In the Woods’, it can be deadly, as the clip below shows, plus there’s some new images to check out.

jesse williams chris hemsworth with tom lenk in the cabin in the woods movie imagesThe Cabin In the Woods' has already got some great buzz around it and many are saying that the twist is what makes the film, but the premise is just great and Whedon is a master with this genre bender. Obviously having Chris Hemsworth career take off with ‘Thor' saved the film after a long holding pattern due to MGM’s bankruptcy, but Lionsgate saved it and thankfully realizes that it’s got something good. The marketing has picked up for the film that opens in just two weeks, and I can’t wait to see it again! kristen connolly fights off danger in the cabin in the woods images 2012' Read More:

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'The Hunger Games' Shows Off Cinna With Katniss In Latest Clip

katniss meets cinna in the hungers games movie clip 2012

Most of the clips for ‘The Hunger Games' show Katniss being around the enemies, but this clip below shows her finally meeting someone more on her side with her stylist Cinna aka Lenny Kravitz.

the hunger games starring lenny kravitz as cinna with katniss 2012 Thank goodness they didn’t resort to Rachel Zoe as the stylist for ‘The Hunger Games’, instead we get a much more smooth one with Lenny Kravitz. If you’ve not read the books, the though of these kids having a stylist to fight to the death seems odd, but that’s what makes this story so much more brutal and interesting. Parts of it remind of Shirley Jackson’s ‘The Lottery’, where the town gets all dolled up for the once a year one person stoning. cinna in the hunger games with lenny kravitz images 2012 Cinna is that great breath of fresh air for Katniss since he’s one of the few in the Capitol with some real compassion and brains. He lessons Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) that for the games, you need some personality too so you can get sponsor’s who’ll send you goodie baskets during the course of the brutality. jennifer lawrence stands with josh hutcherson in the hunger games images 2012 Read More:…

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'The Hunger Games' Looking To Tie “Twilight” Box Office At Least

the hunger games tracking huge for jennifer lawrence and suzanne collins

Not surprising, ‘The Hunger Games' is tracking beyond huge and could match the opening night of 'Twilight’. Writer Suzanne Collins wrote an open letter after seeing the finished film that you can check out below.

the hunger games with jennifer lawrence josh hutcherson at full attentionThe Hunger Games' has one big difference in its tracking numbers from the 'Twilight Saga' franchise; it's appealing more to young men than the brooding vampire movie. Tracking showed that while there's a significant amount of women over and under 25 years old, the males that are interested can easily boost this film to above 'Twilight' opening numbers. Lionsgate has been very smart in marketing this film for that desirable demographic, and it's working. Even the 35 and over crowd are anxious to see the Jennifer Lawrence film. I’ve gotten more and more interested in the film as the marketing has rolled out. the hunger games tracking josh hutcherson and jennifer lawrence This is obviously music to writer Suzanne Collins ears as this guarantees a solid franchise for her bestselling books. Naturally, she had to post an open letter after seeing the finished version of the film and as you’ll read, is rather enthusiastic about it. Read More:

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Jason Statham Plays It ‘Safe’ For Movie Trailer

jason statham un safe in new movie trailer 2012

Jason Statham is back doing what he does best in ‘Safe’. Protecting innocent kids from the men who seem to want them. The new tv spot is below and it feels like it could be ‘The Transporter 4’.

jason statham shoots his gun for safe movie trailer 2012 Jason Statham is that go to guy for films where a guy with a shadyish past winds up helping out those in need, especially when they’re kids and ‘Safe' is no different'. Not that that's a bad thing. Statham's that guy most guys wanna hang with and some want to do more with him, and he’s one of the ideal guys that women like watching in action, along with most guys too. His latest film ‘Safe‘ feels like we’ve seen him do this in ‘The Transporter’, but this is one of those rare actors who has an onscreen charisma that helps even his lesser films watchable. Heck, at least Statham didn’t get the ‘Bullet To the Head' treatment his 'Expendables 2' co-star Sylvester Stallone did. jason statham stars in safe movie poster images 2012 Read More:

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Chris Hemsworth Sole Highlight For ‘The Cabin In the Woods’ For Lionsgate

the cabin in the woods chris hemsworth cast movie images 2012

Joss Whedon couldn’t get his long gestating ‘The Cabin In the Woods' movie in theaters, but Chris Hemsworth sudden rise to ‘Thor’ stardom has made that a reality, and here’s more not too thrilling images from the film.

cabin in the woods poster for chris hemsworth movie images 2012 Remember that fanmade poster from last year? Well if you can remember, ‘The Cabin In the Woods’ was made by Joss Whedon way back in 2009 with that release date, but MGM planned on converting it to 3D, and then the studio had some issues. Whedon’s ‘Cabin In the Woods’ was one of the slaughered lambs, but then ‘Thor’ came along and salvaged what many fans assumed would be a Hollywood Shelf Hell film. Last year, LionsGate picked it up and now one year later, they’re putting it out without much fanfare. You’d think with ‘The Avengers’ movie coming up, they’d at least push a little more than the tepid images they’ve put out and the trailer that looks like every other LionsGate crap movie. The only difference is that ‘The Cabin In the Woods’ isn’t too bad. It’s a fun film, and more fans will get to enjoy it on dvd/blu-ray since it’s doubtful Lionsgate will push for it to get more than just a limited release. chris hemsworth stands for the cabin in the woods movie images 2012 It’ll be premiering at South By Southwest next month, but unless it gets a huge standing ovation type reception and reviews, plan on blu-ray to check out a much thinner looking Hemsworth. The poster is below which’ll just remind you of the final ‘Saw’ movie poster so you know how creative Lionsgate is being on this film and just hoping to cash in on Hemsworth’s name on the box. Read More:

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