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Mackelmore Shows Some ‘Same Love’ With Zoe SaldanaHannibal’s Hugh Dancy has plenty to celebrate today with a hot television show that’s just been…View Post

Mackelmore Shows Some ‘Same Love’ With Zoe Saldana

Hannibal’s Hugh Dancy has plenty to celebrate today with a hot television show that’s just been…

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'Hannibal' Hugh Dancy June 19, 2013 Birthday Daily Horoscope

zoe saldana hannibal june 19 birthday images

Hannibal’s Hugh Dancy has plenty to celebrate today with a hot television show that’s just been renewed for a second season! Thankfully NBC realized what they had and didn’t screw up something this good! Zoe Saldana shares this special day with Agent Will Crawford.

Another person who’s had an amazing year that just keeps going is rapper Mackelmore who hit it huge with this Thrift Shop and now his Same Love is big gay anthem that’s gone mainstream. Everyone’s favorite high maintenance crazy judge Paula Abdul celebrates here day today and rumors are creeping in that she may be returning to one of those vacant chairs on American Idol next season.

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'The Voice' Adam Levine Says Let Simon Cowell Keep It Negative…We Won't

adam levine keeps it postive for the voice not negative simon cowell x factor

With Adam Levine, Christine Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton’s The Voice premiering just two days before Simon Cowell’s overhauled The X Factor USA, everyone expects a high level of rivaly to ensue. Levine obviously doesn’t see Cowell, Britney Spears and company as any threat to hear him say it.

adam levine whispering to christina aguilera for the voice season 3 Read More:

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The Voice Switches It Up & All Mentors Announced For Adam Levine & Crew

the voice season 3 adam levine blake shelton and christina aguilera

Going up against X Factor USA next month, NBC’s The Voice is changing some of their formatting up, but Adam Levine, Blake Shelon and Christina Aguilera mentors are onboard, but Mark Burnett is hinting that all new judges will be in the magical chairs for season 4.

the voice christian milian adam levein black shelton and aguilera Read More:

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Simon Cowell Set For Janet Jackson & Britney Spears For ‘X Factor USA’

simon cowell readying britney spears for x factor usa 2012

Realizing that people are getting weary of his press hogging, Simon Cowell is finally get down to business and readying both Janet Jackson and Britney Spears his wonderful world of ‘X Factor USA’.

janet jackson and britney spears ready for x factor usa with simon cowell We’ve been told all along that Janet Jackson is all set for judgeship on Simon Cowell’s ‘X Factor USA’, but now after negotiations with several other artists have stalled, it’s looking like Britney Spears can take the last remaining judges chair. Avril Lavigne was rumoured heavily because of her association with LA Reid, but Simon definitely has much more interest in Spears plus she still can generate press and sales. simon cowell in london with louis walsh x factor Read More:…

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Cheryl Cole Keeps Simon Cowell Wanting Her Back On “X Factor UK”

simon cowell overhauls x factor uk wants cheryl cole back 2012

After the ‘X Factor USA’ bloodbath of firings last week, Simon Cowell is planning on doing it to his ‘X Factor UK’, and he’s determined to get axed Cheryl Cole back. Meanwhile, Cole’s got different plans and Simon’s not in any of them.

x factor uk judges being fired by simon cowell 2012 Even after we reported that Cheryl Cole and are slapping Simon Cowell by having her perform on competitor show ‘The Voice’, he still thinks she’ll come back and he’ll have her. x factor uk simon cowell wants cheryl cole back again 2012 After axing Cole on ‘X Factor USA’, Cowell admitted he had “got it wrong”, and in recent weeks has said that he would like to see the star back on the show’s judging panel. After firing the judge (Nicole Scherzinger) who replaced the axed Cole, he now wants the original one back, but she’s said publicly that he can ‘get lost’. Cole’s manager, Black Eyed Peas member already stated that Cole didn’t need to perform or take any part on ‘X Factor UK’, which seems to have driven Cowell to want the singer back more. As we all know how men are, they usually don’t appreciate you until they’ve bumped you off and then you don’t want anything else to do with them. Then the challenge is laid, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get you back. Cowell seems to be falling into that area too. Read More:…

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X Factor USA Wants Ryan Seacrest Eyeing Fergie, Mariah & Victoria Beckham

x factor eyeing fergie mariah carey victoria backham 2012

As we reported yesterday, Steve Jones & Nicole Scherzinger are out along with Paula Abdul so the ‘X Factor USA' Simon Cowell camp are already talking Fergie, Mariah Carey and Victoria Beckham, but Ryan Seacrest fever still remains.

x factor usa fires steve jones paula abdul nicole scherzinger simon cowell 2012 Our FOX people are on the ball with their news which has finally been confirmed by the network, and they pulled a hat trick firing Steve Jones, Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul. If you recall poor Paula was the one who mentioned to Scherzinger about letting a deadlock happen for Cowell’s beloved Rachel Crow, so it wasn’t so hard to let the ax fall on America’s favorite befuddled judge. I will say that Paula actually seemed like a lexicon of brilliance next to Scherzinger. x factor fires paula abdul with simon cowell 2012 As we said last night, Scherzinger is already saying that she need to finish her next album, and the ‘X Factor’ took so much of her beloved time away from that. Now she’s got some time, but she’ll be finishing it up over in London after replacing fellow American ‘X Factor UK’ judge Kelly Rowland, who won’t be coming the the USA version. Now, our sources at the production are telling us that along with Mariah Carey, Cowell and company are setting up meetings with Fergie and Victoria Beckham. Fergie would replace Abdul, Carey would replace Scherzinger (but a muppet would have sufficed replacing her) and Beckham would replace Jones Welsh accent with her clipped British one. Beckham has always seemed more icy to me and never really landed that well here in the states when she and husband David Beckham landed and expected a queen’s welcome. The closet queen welcoming her she got was a sitdown with Perez Hilton. Ryan Seacrest is still very much on Cowell’s radar for host, but that’s been kept very very quiet as the Seacrest is cranking out megabuck deal after deal. We’re hearing that Pepsi, who plunked down over $60 million for the ‘X Factor USA' is pushing really hard to make that happen. “We all cringed when Victoria Beckham’s name came up,” our FOX source said, “and it feels more like that’s just being floated to push Ryan [Seacrest] closer to a decision.” Read More:…

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