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Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova & Rafael Nadal Opening Games At Wimbledon 2013

rafael nadal shirtless bulge at wimbledon images

Right on the heels of winning the French Open, Rafael Nadal is ready to take on Wimbledon and possibly face Roger Federer. Andy Murray will also be playing after his back injury, and all eyes are on him and possibly facing Nadal on the courts.

roger federer rafael nadal and andy murray at wimbledon 2013

Former champions Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharapova will highlight the first day of play on Monday at Wimbledon. Read More:



"Venus and Serena" Continues Playing At Theaters Despite USTA Copyright Claim

venus and serena williams documentary banner images

Maiken Baird and Michelle Major aren’t letting the United States Tennis Associations (USTA) lawsuit trying to block their latest documentary film Venus and Serena as it opens tonight for a UK premiere just before the Wimbledon tennis matches begin. The filmmakers are expected to comment on this brouhaha at their introduction of the film at the Curzon Mayfair Cinema.

The USTA claims copyright infringement because they used some video footage shot during the U.S. Open without permission, saying the filmmakers had “broken their promises to the USTA by including unlicensed US Open footage in their commercial, for-profit film.” They filed this claim this past Friday.

venus and serena williams at wimbldeon in documentary images

Read More:



Rafaeal Nadal’s Rafinator Comes Out To Take 2013 French Open Title Against David Ferrer

rafael nadal kisses his eigth french open title win against david ferrer

By this point, it shouldn’t have come as much surprise that Rafael Nadal won his eighth French Open title after defeating fellow Spaniard David Ferrer. All those critics nitpicking last week were once again shown that they keep underestimating the Rafinator and his knees proved that they are in for the long haul.

If Rafael Nadal truly was going to be challenged, if his bid for an unprecedented eighth French Open championship would be slowed even a bit, this might have been the moment. Read More:



Rafael ‘Rafinator’ Nadal Squeezes Novak Djokovic Out Of 2013 French Open: Next David Ferrer

rafael nadal happy scream after taking novak djokovic at french open 2013

The critics were jumping all over Rafael Nadal the past couple weeks at taking longer winning games at the French Open 2013, but once again, he showed them he’s still got what it takes to win an open after defeating biggest clay court rival Novak Djokovic. As Djokovic was ranked number one in the world, we knew this would be a great match, and it lived up to all our expectations.

This one can easily be called a classic match (highlights from it are below) between two legends.

novak djokovic beaten by rafael nadal at french open 2013

His dramatic and delightful French Open semifinal was 41/2 hours old — and 14 games into the fifth set — whenRafael Nadal raced from the net to the baseline to retrieveNovak Djokovic’s seemingly unreachable lob. Read More:



Kim Dotcom Gets Apology From New Zealand PM John Keys

steve wozniak buddies with kim dotcom

Kim Dotcom’s case appears to be unraveling further as New Zealand Prime Minister John Key apologized to the Megaupload founder after a report placed blame on him for illegally bugging him. The US delayed his extradition hearing and the New Zealand High Court is demanding more evidence before handing him over.

kim dotcom ready to relaunch megaupload as megabox Read More:

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2012 US Tennis Open Updates: With Rafael Nadal Out, Who Moved Up?

rafael nadal out of 2012 us open bare back tennis courts

Rafael Nadal’s knee injury kept him from the 2012 London Olympic Games, and now the tennis powerhouse had to pull out of the 2012 US Tennis Open. Find out who moved into his and other withdrawals spots in the main draw below.

rafael nadal recovering from knee injury showing pit hair on tennis courts Read More:

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Venue & Serena Williams Keep Golden History At 2012 London Olympics

venus serena williams win doubles gold at 2012 london olympics

More 2012 London Olympic games history was made as Venus and Serena Williams became the first players to win four Olympic Games Tennis titles after being crowned women’s Doubles champions at London 2012.

serena and venus williams celebrate doubles gold win at 2012 london olympics Read More:

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Serena Williams VS Maria Sharakova For First Olympic Gold: 2012 London Games

maria sharapova battles serena williams for 2012 london olympics gold The 2012 London Olympic Games has gotten interesting in the tennis battle for the men and women’s singles gold medal. Andy Murray shut down Novak Djokovic and will face Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova will do battle with Serena Williamsfor their first ever gold medal. maria sharapova faces serena williams for 2012 olympic gold Read More:…

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Serena Williams Moves On In 2012 London Olympics & Headlines US Open Tennis

serena williams victoria azarenka and maria sharapova at 2012 us open tennis

Serena Williams is now the last U.S. singles tennis player standing at the 2012 London Olympic Games at Wimdleton, but she’ll be one of the headline draws for the upcoming 2012 USTA US Open along with Maria Sharapova and Victoria Azarenka.

serena williams headlines us 2012 tennis open with maria sharapova Read More:…

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Djokovic Takes Roddick Out, Murray & Venus Onward & 2012 Olympics History Made

novak djokovic beats a frustrated andy roddick at london olympics

Not surprisingly, Novak Djokovic ousted Andy Roddick from the 2012 London Olympic Games while Andy Murray and Venus Williams move on to Round 3. It’s looking like it will be a major Djokovic versus Roger Federer which will truly have the world watching.

andy murray and venus williams win london olympics for round 3 Read More:…

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