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Adam Baldwin Also Boards Michael Bay’s ‘Last Ship’

michael bay shooting the last ship with adam baldwin for tnt Michael Bay’s ”The Last Ship”, which was picked up to air on TNT is quickly adding more cast members. Now that Adam Baldwin (Jayne on Firefly) is onboard, this one has definitely perked up on our radar. Read more:



Images Land For ‘Falling Skies’ Finale Episode Plus Clips

falling skies season finale images connor jessup noah wyle and drew roy

Falling Skies has just gotten better this season, and the season finale episode A More Perfect Union is nearly here with a preview trailer and some insightful images to check out. Plus you can get more from additional clips from last week too.

falling skies connor jessup ben's back for noah wylie finale Read More:

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Price Of Greatness Is High For ‘Falling Skies’ Latest Images & Clips

falling skies price of greatness drew roy with noah wylie images

Last week the Falling Skies Death March felt like it when the 2nd Mass hit Charleston, but then things started looking up. Now with The Price Of Greatness, Noah Wylie, Drew Roy and Will Patton go up with Terry O’Quinn. Plus some Unanswered clips too below.

Terry O'Quinn jumps into falling skies images Read More:

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Got Falling Skies Withdrawal? Death March Clips Hits With New Images

falling skies death march episode images will patton

Just when Falling Skies really kicks it in this season, they take a two week break for the 2012 London Olympic Games, but we’ve got the upcoming Death March clip plus a slew of images from the upcoming episode plus plenty of others to check out while your going through FS withdrawal.

falling skies 2nd mass in death march drew roy and noah wylie images Read More:

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'Falling Skies' New Hottie Brandon Jay McLaren Interview

brandon jay mclaren talks falling skies the killing and graceland 2012

Fans of ‘Falling Skies' have noticed that there's a prominent new face on the show this season who's brought a big smile to Lourdes’ (Seychelle Gabriel) face, and if he looks familiar, you may have seen Brandon Jay McLaren on ‘The Killing' or several other shows. The busy actor answered some of our questions so you can learn a few things about Lourdes new man.

breandon jay mclaren on falling skies with lourdes images 2012 Read More:

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Is Jon Bernthal Getting Killed Off’ The Walking Dead”?

the walking dead jon bernthal shane with shaved head images 2012

With ‘The Walking Dead' about to come back with new episodes, the news that Joe Bernthal (Shane) could be heading over to TNT for Frank Darabont’s upcoming ‘L.A. Noir' should get fans wondering if his character will finally get his comeuppance.

the walking dead with jon bernthal andrew lincoln walking 2012 For anyone who’s read ‘The Walking Dead' graphic novel series, you know that Bernthal's character Shane is way past his borrowed time. With today's news that Bernthal is reportedly in talks to star in Frank Darabont’s ‘L.A. Noir' show on TNT, fans will immediately assume that Shane will finally come to his end, either at the hand of Rick or Dale. (I'm personally rooting for Dale, the way their tension has been building). Rumors have abounded for months about all the tension going on behind the scenes of AMC's hit show after the highly publicized firing of Darabont. Bernthal was rumored to be one of the actors who demanded to be let out of his contract after the firing, but then changed his mind. I know some actors hold down two shows at once, but it’s highly doubtful that this is the case. Bernthal did an interview last month where he had this to say about the relationship between Rick and Shane and where it was headed. “What’s so interesting about the second half of the season is that Rick is going to prove that he’s very much capable of keeping these people alive. What that does to Shane is really, really interesting. You want somebody to be a certain way, and then they prove that they actually are that way, and what happens then can be very explosive.” Many fans thought that was a little foretelling, and I’m hearing that Shane will be heading out for the series finale, and this would be one of the first major major characters to be killed off the show. Read More:…

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Larry Hagman Hits 'Desperate Housewives' & TNT Wants To Move On| Best Movies Ever

Bringing ‘Dallas‘ to either the big screen or the small screen has always been a bust, and now that Larry Hagman haggled for more money to return to the show that made him famous the future for TNT is not looking good.